The Process



It is extremely important to preserve the ancient Mayan techniques that have been passed on from ancestral generations in Guatemala such as weaving with the pedal loom, waist loom, and hand embroidery. As citizens of Guatemala and the world, we are committed to honoring and shining a light on such intricate techniques as they are one of the greatest cultural heritage our country has to offer.


Each of the garments in the Victoria Rivera collections has been handmade, meticulously considering small details, with materials of superior quality. In the manufacturing process, the focus is on preserving the culture of artisan communities while hoping for a positive economic impact for them. As well as always having the utmost respect and appreciation for the environment.

Victoria Rivera garments are elaborated with 100% cotton and lining is 100% silk. The Garments have been previously washed, they do not fade or shrink and do not contain Azo.

With a strategy of productive linkages and strategic alliances with different entities of the public, private and international cooperation sectors, this program began in 2012, in the Guatemalan municipalities with the highest malnutrition rates, developing collections of decorative products and personal accessories, with high standards of design and quality.

The results of this program have been the generation of sustainable sources of work for the artisans of the municipalities served, who with an increase in their income, improve the standard of living for their families and communities.