The Artisans


Victoria Rivera’s designs are described as avant-garde, modern, and exotic. In each of the garments, there is a life story told by the hands of a Guatemalan artisan and woven deep into the colors of the textile. By intertwining the modern talent of designers and the ancestral technique of artisans, luxurious, and unique pieces of handmade Guatemalan art come to life. Every single Victoria Rivera garment is handwoven by talented Guatemalan artisans who utilize the techniques of the pedal loom, waist loom, and hand embroidery. As a brand, we are passionate about sustainable and enduring fashion, telling stories and experiences of living cultures. We are also conscious of promoting the development and empowerment of artisan communities.

Some of the artisans who work with Victoria Rivera are a part of the government program “Tejiendo Alimentos” (which translates to weaving food), which instills entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to the participants so that they can support fashion designers by elaborating handwoven fabrics. In exchange for this, families find a new source of work that, in the long term, improves the standard of living for them and their communities. Other artisans who collaborate with Victoria Rivera are part of the Altiplano Women’s Association, Pixan, and independent artisans. Giving the right value to artisans is important for Victoria Rivera designs.



The heart of Victoria Rivera’s designs is the high quality textile, created with ancients mayan techniques.