Maíz Collection: Inspiration

Corn, the grain with the highest consumption rate in Guatemala and the main source of energy for this country’s inhabitsnts, has 22 varieties. This collection is a tribute to this element that is present in, and at the center, of most Guatemalan homes and that is part of our idiosyncrasy: corn has seen our birth, accompanied us on our journey of growth, and for some, this grain has seen us die. It is one of the greatest longings for those living outside of Guatemala because it is what nourishes us in body and soul. This collection is inspired by the vibrant color palette of corn: filled with unique and exotic colors, simply, spectacular… as are Victoria Rivera’s garments.

The Popol Vuh, a story of Guatemalan folklore from the 16th century, dates the origins of man from corn and puts forth the venerable God of Corn. It is from here that the twin brothers, Ixbalanqué and Hunahpú, who have corn plants as alter egos, as well as man himself, are created from this godly grain. The 13th of August has been declared as the International Day of Corn, and the grain itself has been deemed Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

We Guatemalans should feel proud of our ancestors who have given the world one of the most essential foods. The varieties of corn in Guatemala are: Tuxpeño Race, Comiteco Race, Imbricado Race, Chimaltenango Negro (cold land and hot land), Serrano Race, Late Salpor Race, Salpor Race, Tepecintle Race, Dzit-Bacal Race, Olotón Race , Naltel Breed (Yellow Tierra Baja, White Tierra Baja, Ocho, Amarillo Tierra Alta), Comiteco Breed, Olotón Breed, Quicheño Breed (Thick, Branchy and Red), SanMarceño Breed, Arrocillo.