A.V. Collection: Inspiration

My family is originally from Cobán, Alta Verapaz -A.V.-, where I lived many moments of my childhood; where I first discovered the culture and traditions of the Kekchí people. This collection is a tribute to my roots; a tribute to the natural and cultural beauties of Alta Verapaz. All of the beautiful elements of Alta Verapaz are depicted in this collection, course through my veins, and define me as a person.

A strong smell of incense,  melodic notes of the marimba, the crisp cold of night, and the humidity of the Chipi-Chipi (an intermittent rain from A.V.), can be perceived when dressing in the A.V. collection. Another strong element present in the collection is the Hija del Rey (“Daughter of the King”) election which is focused on leadership skills, knowledge of cultural and historical traditions, inner beauty, and intelligence. The textiles depict emblematic sites in A.V. such as Lanquín, “Grutas del Rey Marcos” and “el Calvario”.