Victoria Rivera is an exotic and modern proposal to fashion of traditional textiles. The designs are based on contemporary interpretations of ancestral and natural concepts. The Mayan textile art, the Guatemalan landscapes, and its tropical fauna are strong sources of inspiration for the creation of its fabrics, which are the heart of Victoria Rivera’s designs.

Ever since Victoria Rivera can remember, she has had a deep fascination with the typical Guatemalan textiles. This is mostly because her family is originally from Cobán, Alta Verapaz, a city in Guatemala in which dazzling textiles are woven daily in exuberating amounts. Victoria grew up surrounded by love, laughter, and vibrant colors.

Victoria Rivera’s greatest gratification is understanding that all handmade garments elaborated in Guatemala have their own story as they carry within them the heart and soul of the artisans who brought them to life. Throughout her time as a fashion designer, she has had to learn to patiently and humbly wait for the process of handmade textiles, which is in perfect harmony with the rhythm and song of nature.